Welcome to Zevi Place LLC

Zevi Place LLC makes variety of suits to suite the specific purpose that its clients require the suit. We at Zevi Place LLC focus on customer service. If there is any issue, we are quick to respond and help our customers out. We focus on picking out the perfect suit for our clients.

As of right now we only cash please keep this in mind when shopping at our stores.

Our suits fit because of the quality of the fabric used in making the best suits of our variety of customers whether fat, thin, dark or light in complexion. We use the perfect colours that suite our customers and make our customers easily noticed in business, ceremonial outings with numerous complements.

Our suits are the best for grooms for wedding occasions as it they are designed to suite the wedding gown of the bride.

Generally, our suits are made of first-class fabrics, well designed, affordable and without compromise in the entire process of our suit making.

We more than just a store, our buying team maintains a strong vision for the boutique. The emphasis has always been placed on carrying carefully edited collections consisting of beautiful unique pieces, highlighting the individual creativity of the designers. Because our buyers have such a clear direction, they are constantly searching for new brands that are unafraid to push the boundaries and express their true talents rather than being motivated by commercial success, moving away from products valued on status. A world for open-minded experimental thinking. At our boutique, we are obsessive about finding those perfect boutique outfits that become the defining pieces of your wardrobe.

We’re here to help you save time, look great and evolve your personal style over time.

While shopping for your perfect outfit, our trained staff we provide the best customer service imaginable. We are motivated to learn about your style and evolving needs, we are open for appointment in order to find the perfect pieces for you.